CMM1.3VU1-1, Euro DOCSIS 2.0 Data Modem
  • Introduction
  • Specification
CMM1.3VU1-1 is Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 data modem based on chipset of BCM3309. It is also compliant with Euro-DOCSIS 1.1 and 1.0. 
CMM1.2T180A-1 has a 75 ohm F-Type RF connector as interface to CMTS. It also provides 1 Fast Ethernet port (10/100BASE-T). It supports bandwidth of 55.6 Mbps downstream and 35.8 Mbps upstream.
Compliance with Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 Standard
1 FE LAN Port
55.6 Mbps Downstream
35.8 Mbps Upstream
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